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For business owners and entrepreneurs seeking a digital strategy worthy of your growth goals:

Just 21 Days From Now, You Can Have A Fully Customised Digital Strategy And Execution Plan That Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Reach New Heights Of Success

Quit Leaving Your Digital Strategy To Chance:

The ActiveStrategy is a proven consulting process that has already helped hundreds of businesses formulate an integrated digital strategy that delivers immediate results on your bottom line.

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If you’re frustrated because you have ambitious goals for your digital channel, but no concrete plan to achieve them… the ActiveStrategy is a customised strategy roadmap developed by the digital team that has already helped hundreds of other businesses generate millions of sales leads and hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue since 2003.

If you’re sick and tired of getting by with a hotch-potch of disconnected tactics that just aren’t impactful enough… the ActiveStrategy will give you an integrated execution plan you can feel confident in.

If you’re already doing well online, yet are always thirsty for ways to supercharge your results… the ActiveStrategy will “X-ray” your current marketing and unearth your biggest untapped profit opportunities.

If you have specific digital initiatives in mind and need execution help… the ActiveStrategy will allow you to move forward with the best possible plan, saving you time and money and avoiding costly mistakes, dead-ends and U-turns.

If you’re embarking on a high-stakes digital project (or launching a new business) and failure is NOT an option… the ActiveStrategy will lock down a winning plan before you execute. Because “trial-and-error” is the most expensive teacher you’ll ever find.

If you’ve ever struggled to articulate the true value of what you do, or attract your most profitable market segments… the ActiveStrategy will deliver a laser-focused Unique Value Proposition that connects emotionally with your ideal prospects and makes your competition irrelevant.

If you’re afflicted by “woods-from-the-trees” syndrome and are struggling to cut through the clutter… the ActiveStrategy adds a third-party perspective from a team that has most likely already seen – and solved – the exact same challenges you now face.

How The ActiveStrategy Works

Your ActiveStrategy is structured around a series of three consulting calls (or onsite workshop facilitation), interspersed with competitive analysis and strategy formulation performed behind the scenes by our team. The process is guided by our most senior Digital Strategists, who have experience delivering a minimum of 100 web strategy engagements.

Session #1 Is Focused On


In our first consulting call together, we focus on gathering the right information and asking diagnostic questions. We’ll ask you a series of structured questions about:

  • the current state of your business…
  • your customers (actual and/or desired)…
  • your products and services…
  • the competitive landscape…
  • what’s currently working and what’s not…
  • how much revenue and profit you want to make, and how soon…
  • and more…

While we may come up with some immediate answers during this session, the focus is primarily fact-finding.

Based on the raw materials we gather on this call, we’ll go away and work behind the scenes with our team in order to be ready for our next session in 7 days’ time.

The Marketing Results Wheel image

The Marketing Results Wheel

During Session #1 we’ll work through the six marketing aspects to create a Conversion Framework for attracting, converting and monetising the most profitable customers in any market

Session #2 Is About


During Session #2, we’ll showcase and review the analysis and work product produced so far.

By this time, your strategy is usually 80% complete. Based on our discussions and feedback, we’ll lock down all the details of your strategy and package up final recommendations, ready for Session #3

  • Prototype Unique Value Proposition(s)
  • Working wireframes for key pages
  • Marketing automation recommendations
  • Additional ‘quick wins’ you can get in place immediately
The Marketing Results Sales Lead Machine

The Marketing Results Sales Lead Machine

In Session #2 we’ll explore your customised Sales Lead Machine Blueprint, including: UVP prototype, homepage wireframe, recommended offers for the buyer’s journey and marketing automation.

Session #3 Is For


During Session #3, we’ll present the final version of your strategy. We’ll also discuss downstream implementation options, including fees and timeframes, should you want our assistance to execute.

(While 90%+ of participants seek our assistance with implementation, the outputs of the ActiveStrategy have substantial standalone value and can be implemented by any team you choose.)

The whole process takes just 14 days from when we get started (subject to your availability and ours). Then you’re good to go.

The Plan image

The Plan

By the conclusion of Session #3 you’ll have the key pillars of an effective, long-term, results-focused digital marketing strategy PLUS a clear roadmap for implementation and execution.

NOT Another “Talk-Fest”

You’ll Come Away With Tangible Value You Can Take To The Bank

Executing marketing campaigns without locking down the best possible plan of attack is like building a house with no blueprints… or tipping all your money into investments without a clear financial plan… or getting on a plane with no destination in mind: your results will suffer.

And strategy and planning exercises that culminate in a boring, theoretical report that sits on your hard drive gathering e-dust are just as futile…

The ActiveStrategy is different because it’s rapid, accurate and above all actionable – everything you get is engineered to add directly to your top and bottom lines

Unique Value Proposition formulation

A brief statement articulating how you are uniquely desirable and valuable to your ideal prospect compared with all other alternatives (including the alternative of doing nothing).

Paid Traffic “Deep Dive” Audits (Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising)

featuring either analysis of existing campaigns, or recommended structure, targeting and budgets for potential campaigns.

Implementation plans

including the investment and timeframe required to execute recommendations, should you want our assistance to do so.


Marketing Funnel Formulation

including a giant “flowchart” of sequences of landing pages, offers, content, segmentation and automation designed to convert shy, first time visitors into lifelong clients.

Homepage and/or key landing page wireframes

showing clearly the optimal structure of offers and messaging for your updated or proposed website.

Other resources as appropriate

to help achieve your desired outcomes

Experienced Digital Professionals

NOTE: These analyses are conducted by digital veterans with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. They almost never fail to uncover serious upside potential, even if you think your current campaigns are under control.

In Other Words…

You’ll Come Away With SPECIFIC Fixes For Each Of Your Issues, Concerns And Challenges – And A Crystal Clear Plan To Navigate The Future.

As a result, you achieve several things:

  • You’ll get immediate changes you can make to your existing website and/
    or sales process to improve leads and sales instantly.
  • You’ll be saved from the time, expense, disappointment and opportunity cost of attempting new marketing initiatives that we’ve seen others attempt before without success (and are most likely doomed to failure).

You emerge with a well thought out digital strategy and action plan that will ultimately deliver better results and Return On Investment from your marketing investments, now and in the future.

Ready To Get Started?

Ask Us Anything You Like About How To Acquire More Customers Online

Whatever your specific questions, chances are good that we’ve heard them – and solved them – many times before. For Instance…

How do I stand out in a crowded marketplace?

What’s the fastest way to attract more profitable customers?

I have several ideal customers in mind – which one(s) should I focus on, and how?

How can I get more targeted traffic?

Show me how to save money on AdWords or Facebook ads

Find me the quickest profit bumps you can!

How can I generate consistent enquiries every day?

Tell me how to fix my landing pages so they convert

Help me generate more response and cash from my existing list

What technology and tools should I be using?

I have this cool new marketing automation platform – but what do I do next???

How can I deploy “outbound” emailing strategies?

We’re just about to upgrade our website and we need to get it right

My current digital team say they’re doing everything they can. Can I get a third party opinion?

What’s the best way to solve a downturn in sales?

Help! My digital marketing is in a mess!

How do I make my leads more qualified?

Which ideas should I execute first, second, third…?

Why This Is Better VALUE Than Just About Anything Else In Today’s Market

There are many options when it comes to getting help with your digital strategy. But at the risk of tooting our own horn, we believe the ActiveStrategy is the best VALUE you’ll find because…

  • This is not another “train and run” exercise: there is an army of “gurus” lining up to sell you high priced video courses, training or programs to help with your digital marketing. But they never actually DO anything for you. And they leave you high-and-dry to apply it all yourself.
  • And as you may already know from experience, courses and programs rarely deliver ANY results because:
  • Courses and training require many, many hours of your time to absorb – that’s before you apply anything, much less actually profit. (The real cost needs to factor in your hourly rate x the number of hours required.). The ActiveStrategy requires just 5 hours of your time, all up. It’s super-efficient.
  • Canned training isn’t customised to your situation. As much as the sales pitch might promote a “step-by-step system anyone can apply”, the reality is that application is always nuanced. And by doing it yourself without an experienced guide, critical  details are lost. With the ActiveStrategy, the process is led by a Senior Consultant with a minimum of 100 strategy engagements under their belt. We’re here to ensure you get it right and your growth goals remain on track.
  • Canned training has no deadline. With the pace of business and everything that’s already on your plate, online training that you purchase with the best of intentions often ends up sitting on your hard drive, un-opened. With the ActiveStrategy, you simply lock the sessions in your diary and it’s done within 14 short days. We’re here to hold your hand and Get. It. Done.
  • On average, we spend more than 20 hours on each ActiveStrategy  engagement, providing specific advice and customisation. This product attracts serious business owners with serious growth goals who understand the value of the best possible plan for crushing it online. They’re sick and tired of winging it, and they don’t want to run the risk of expensive mistakes, overlooked opportunities and hidden “profit leaks”. They want outcomes.
  • Our proven frameworks solve your challenges quickly and effectively.
    For example, you already know you need a razor-sharp Unique Value Proposition – a brief statement that presses your client’s emotional hot buttons so that enquiring or buying becomes irresistible – but actually creating one is not so easy. With our Conversion Framework, we’ve created killer UVPs for more than 253 organisations, and counting. And we can do the same for you.
  • While we don’t claim to be experts at ALL areas of business… we’re not the person to speak to about HR or Venture Capital or financial control, for example… One thing we DO know, inside and out, is automated client acquisition strategies using digital marketing and marketing automation.
  • As the Principals of digital agency Marketing Results, we’ve seen deep inside hundreds of businesses and business models. Which means we’ve actually seen what works and what doesn’t over and over again. We’re able to bring you proven success templates. Not more “book learning”. And not experience based on only one or two narrow success stories.

But Before You Sign Up, There Are Some Very Important Things You Need To Know

While we promise to give you the full force of our expertise and attention, we can’t guarantee your success because it’s related to many factors beyond our control. We both know that, but by engaging us you’re agreeing to hold us harmless for any results related to this service.

Because we can’t get our time back, there are no refunds for this service. So if you’re not confident that the advice, insights and deliverables you’ll receive is well worth the investment, then this probably isn’t for you.

In order to be efficient and effective, this service follows a formalised structure. It doesn’t include extra consultations or work product outside of what we agree up front. We DO want you to provide all the details necessary for you to craft a winning digital strategy. We WILL give you 100% focus and effort. And we CAN accommodate additional requirements by arrangement (subject to extra fees, depending on scope). However, we wouldn’t be able to offer this level of focus and service if we allowed the scope of these engagements to creep outside the agreed parameters. Fair enough?

Finally, we reserve the right to decide whom we work with on these engagements. If we feel your product, service or situation isn’t the right fit (or for any other reason), we’ll provide an immediate refund of any fees paid. One of our criteria will be to feel confident that we’ll be able to add at least 10X the value of your investment as a result of this engagement.

Want To Find Out If This Is The Right Fit For You?

Then get in touch for a no-cost, no-obligation Strategy Session with a Senior Strategist via telephone

Is a ActiveStrategy the next best step for you? Maybe, maybe not.

The easiest way to find out is to request a Strategy Session via telephone with one of our Senior Digital Strategists. Think of this as a highly-compressed, “mini-strategy”.

Here’s what we’ll cover on this exploratory call:

Your current situation: what marketing strategies you’ve tried and what results you’ve achieved. Which parts of your current strategy are working well and which parts need improvement.

Your desired end state: your specific progress “basecamps” as well as ultimate goals in terms of traffic, opt-ins, leads and sales – with timeframes.

Constraints, obstacles and challenges: what’s stopped you from hitting your goals in the past? What’s holding you back now?

Windfall opportunities: what hidden assets do you possess that can bring cash and profits in the door quickly?

Based on this structure, we’ll shed light on your specific challenges and outline potential solutions. These solutions will give you a framework to accomplish your growth and profit goals – as well as assess if a full ActiveStrategy is right for you.

Decision And Action Time

Isn’t it true that if you had the ideal strategy and action plan locked down for your business – one that maximises available opportunities and accelerates the achievement of your goals – then you’d already be applying it in your business? And reaping the rewards?

The very fact you’ve read this far probably suggests there is a “gap” you need to fill.

And we’ve been helping companies and organisations just like yours fill this type of gap for over a decade.

Either submit your order above, or contact us for an exploratory chat, and let’s make this happen in the next 14 days – so you can move on with doing what you love, making more profit, and growing your business like gangbusters.