How to use retargeting ads for your business marketing

Retargeting reminds your visitor of your service and can increase conversion. Whatever your approach to attracting visitors to your website a retargeting campaign is a powerful tool to increase leads.

Intro to retargeting

Retargeting is the process of focusing users that have visited your website and haven’t taken action, either by purchasing a product or contacting you about a service.

We know the internet is a distracting place and are well aware how quickly we come and go from various websites on a daily basis. This is why retargeting ads can re-capture custom audiences who would otherwise have forgotten about your product or service.

Retargeting made simple

A simple customer journey for Re-targeting ads
How your online offer can stand out

Why you should use retargeting

There are several advantages for businesses who use this type of advertising strategy:

  • Put simply it puts your site top of mind when they are exploring around the internet for other products or services.
  • A visitor may not be ready to purchase or connect on their first visit no matter how compelling you think your offer is. The retargeting ads give  the visitor an opportunity to assess your site’s offer again and make a new decision to visit.
  • You can tailor your ads to be focused on one topic or a new offer days or weeks after they last visited your site. In this way the user can engage with content they might have missed on their first visit.
  • Lastly, retargeting can increase brand awareness for a launch of a new business or product.

Types of retargeting

Using the right approach is important so you don’t annoy the visitor with a bombardment of ads wherever they go on the internet.

Site Retargeting
The most common method involves placing ads that a user will see as they browse other websites. As straight forward as this approach is, there is still some calibration required to target the right visitors to make the conversion most effective.

CRM Retargeting
Using a mailing list of past enquiries or past customers can produce great results too. The advantage with a mailing list is you will have information such as customers’ ages, location, purchase history etc. The advantage of this type of retargeting campaign is how well it can be tailored to suit a segment of your visitors.

Dynamic Retargeting As the name suggests, these type of ads use a dynamic feed to present ads to a user based on their past website sessions. This method is most often used by eCommerce sites where a past visitor may have seen a pair of shoes, then sees the same pair of shoes presented in an ad while browsing on another site. Dynamic retargeting ads produce great results as they focus on a user’s interests and past visits to entice them back to your site. Facebook Retargeting It’s fair to assume nowadays your site visitors will most likely visit Facebook as well as your site. Using Facebook to retarget your visitors via a Facebook pixel is a powerful methods that can target email lists, website visitors or Facebook fans.

Wrap up

Retargeting in its simple form is getting a visitor that has been to your site to return and take an action. Making effective use of those ads without wasting money or driving away visitors takes further skill and knowledge. There are methods to segment and target the exact audience you want while staying under your ad budget.

Used correctly, retargeting ads, as part of a digital marketing campaign can increase lead enquiries and conversion rates over time. Hopefully, this overview will give you an understanding of how to implement retargeting in your future business marketing.

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