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Discover where your website and your marketing is leaking money


User Experience

Make the experience of visiting your website for the best it can be for your customers . Increase conversions and enquiries.

Website Speed

Optimise your pages to load quickly to best practice industry standards. A must for any modern website.

Search Engine Optimisation

The quality and content of your site matters when it comes to ranking with Google. We fine tune the site to help you rank better for your category in search results.


Prevent hackers getting into your website. Stop malware attacks and other measures to keep your site safe and secure.

Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

Build a flexible and responsive website so your visitors always have the best experience whichever device they use.

Functionality, Control and Upgradeability

Ensure your website is easily accessible to edit and is upgradable to the latest platform in the future.


1. User Experience and Conversions

The user journey through your website, is it logical? and does it will browsers to enquire for further information or trade their details in return for something like a download information pack.

We will review:

  • Design flow and Navigation
  • Imagery and emotive language
  • Call To Actions and Lead Capture
  • Trust & Authority
  • Analytics and Tracking systems

2. Website Speed

It’s great having a website that looks nice, pointless if it doesn’t load and frustrates the end user.

A website that doesn’t load quickly loses prospects, the raw statistics from google highlight if your website takes 5 seconds to load, Your bounce rates doubles (people leave your website before it loads). We aim to get all our clients websites to load within 1.5 seconds.

Our technical teams will analyse and stress test your website on various fronts, including;

  • Speed Scores and bench-marking
  • Website Hosting and Server setup
  • Caching, Compression and Script optimsation
  • Plugins – Removing and Adding more fit for purpose applications
  • Image Optimisation and Page size

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Google Ranking

How your website is found online is determined by many factors, some easily in your control and others a little harder depending on your market.

We will focus on the elements which are in your control, auditing how well your website’s content is structured along with how well your websites software presents your to the search engines indexing your website such as Google and Bing (Microsoft).

  • Content Quality, is it relevant?
  • Content Feed, are we telling Google to search our website?
  • Site Structure and Meta Data – Technically speaking, is it easy for Google’s algorithm and ‘spiders’ to read your website
  • Image Optimisation (file names, descriptions, image sizes and the like)

4. Security

~3% of websites on the internet are compromised every year, 90% of the websites that were hacked in 2018 were WordPress websites, websites that were not maintained and the software was out of date.

There are some many scary factors around having a compromised website, not just it redirecting to a Russian SPAM factory. It can cost you alot, ignoring the down time and opportunity costs of having your primary marketing tool down.

But if you don’t know about it (and most don’t), hackers will learn your company from the inside out and take advantage of you, your clients and all stakeholders you engage with.

We will run our specialise software through your systems to audit your websites to check if there are any malicious applications. Then we will help identify weaknesses in the software you run which could be exploited by would be hackers.

5. Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness

50% of internet traffic on the internet is now mobile, and user behaviour is quickly changing. Websites built a couple of years ago are considered old and should be reviewed. Mobile usability is foremost in designing any website today.

You will find that over 65% of visitors to your website are using a mobile device. Sometimes users on mobile will revert to a laptop when they want to get a more indepth information. Making the first impressions even more important.

We will step through the user experience on mobile and the optimisation of how the website presents on smaller devices

6. Functionality, Control and Upgradeability

When websites are built as a cheap bundle by an agency or built by a tech savvy employee there is very little transparency as to who controls what. Knowledge and processes are rarely documented in this scenario so in the event that person leaves the business, all the know-how leaves with them.

We believe a website’s administration should be intuitive so that anyone can login and be able to update basic elements of their website.

We build in;

  • Upgrade-ability and dependencies
  • Ease of use
  • Backups and recovery processes
  • Documentation and Training

Our Design & Development Process

Strategy & Roadmap.

Discussion with client to establish what the purpose of the website should be. Understand what key design aspects are required.

Visual & UX Design

Create a visual design of your site that reflects your brand and demonstrates a good customer experience. Depiction of responsive screens or elements to show content on mobile devices.


The development of the website is built on a WordPress platform with a custom theme, shop, form integration or added functionality as required.

Launch & Monitor

The final testing stage will enable testing functionality and user experience. Any issues can be resolved in this stage. Once approval has been given we’ll make the site live.

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