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Torn Marketing Referral Program

The modern business world is built on who you know rather than what you know, but it is rarely rewarded as such.

We have created an incentive system in which ALL referrals are rewarded – not just for the initiation of a new relationship but also a variable % for the life of the relationship.

A good business works within their core competencies and will outsource tasks which they do not have strong skills or resources to achieve efficiently. At Torn Marketing, we know that referrals are the most effective way for us to scale our business in addition to nurturing our relationships with other businesses within different industries such as yours.

We are looking to work with industry experts who provide consulting advise to business clients, advice that often leads to bigger organisational change and projects.

Our model is rather simple

Starting from 10% referral fees for any net revenue for the first 12 months of the new project with trailing variable % for the life of the relationship after the first 12 months. Incentives are scaled up increased involvement from yourselves and/or the higher quality the new referral is.

Working with clients
How our work process keeps things running smoothly

Step 1

Meet and Discovery Session

This is where we get to find out about your business. We discuss your ideas and what you want to achieve. This type of session can be relaxed and informal or more structured to suit your needs. The aim is to gauge your goals and expectations, as well as discuss how we can work together to deliver a successful project.

Step 2

Kick Off

When we are ready to start we get into the nitty-gritty; budgets, timelines and responsibilities. We discuss the scope of the project, deliverables and any client responsibilities. Deadlines or milestones are set to make sure we are clear when we’ll achieve the end goal. All this information forms part of the client’s brief – which we use as our blueprint to work from

Step 3


With our client brief, we begin conceptual creation. Ideas are brought to life and applied to a presentation. Other items that can be discussed in this phase are strategy, brand, website and campaigns. Once a design direction is chosen we can move to the next stage.

Step 4

Refine and develop

The client’s feedback provides the next stage’s parameters. Design elements are refined or modified. Campaign ideas are rolled out and applied to various formats. This stage is thorough and includes client meetings for approval of each stage. In this way, you have a clear oversight of the project and its progress until final delivery

Step 5


On completion of the project, we ensure we deliver all creative material to the right sources; either printers or media companies. If there’s a go-live date for websites and digital advertising, these are also met. A wrap-up meeting can be arranged to discuss any outcomes and next steps. This provides an opportunity to build on successes and highlight what was accomplished between you as a client and our company.

The above is an overview of how we work. Within the property marketing industry, for example, our integration within a company’s workflow can be more extensive. Contact us to see our Property Marketing Flowchart.

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