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Top of the Search Engine List: Protecting Your Turf

Top of the Search Engine List: Protecting Your Turf

Now that your site is at the top of the online search engine, your rivals will wish to knock you off.

Congratulations, your site is at the top of the online search engine and your traffic is at record levels. Sales are up and your employer is smiling like a Cheshire feline. No doubt, as the individual in charge of marketing your site, you have actually either invested hours looking into fantastic websites such as Online search engine Guide or SitePoint and have actually accomplished the outcomes yourself or, more than likely, you have actually utilized the services of an online search engine marketing business. In either case, you now happily sit at the top of the online search engine results for the golden keywords you desired.

Do Not Get Contented

So now that you are at the top of the online search engine, you can kick back, unwind and take pleasure in months of fantastic positioning, right? Incorrect! The effort it required to get your site leading positioning is absolutely nothing compared to the effort required to keep it there. When your site was indulging the lowly positions of the online search engine, none of your rivals stressed who you were or what you were doing. With your quick increase to the top of the online search engine results, you have actually stirred the vipers’ nest and you rivals are rattled!

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Your Competitors Desires Vengeance

If your site has actually handled to acquire leading position on the online search engine, you can wager that you have actually dismissed among your rivals to arrive. Do you believe they will kick back and enjoy with their lower positioning and less traffic? Obviously not. The very factor you wished to go up from obscurity is the very same factor that your competitors is not going to enjoy with their website falling the rankings. As a result, they are most likely to be harming, both mentally and economically. They are going to desire their # 1 position back and rapidly. For that reason, you can wager your life that they are going to be coming at you with a revenge. More than likely, they will curse themselves for ending up being contented and look for expert help to discover why they fell the rankings and how it can be repaired. Pretty rapidly, they will have either employed their own online search engine specialist or check out every online search engine resource they can discover in an effort to return their leading online search engine position. In either case, they are going to be striving to make sure that the sought after # 1 area they when held is once again in their belongings.

The List for Continued Success

Keeping leading positioning when your rivals understand who you are is a really time consuming and challenging task. Slipping ahead of the pack is relatively simple, compared to guaranteeing that your website remains at the top of the online search engine outcomes. Keeping that fantastic level of direct exposure is going to take a great deal of diligence on you part and consistent tracking. In truth, there are things that you will require to do on a day-to-day, weekly and regular monthly basis to make sure that your website sits tight. For any service that wants to keep their high online search engine rankings, here is a list of what you require to do and how frequently:


” Ensure your site is up and running 24/7. Absolutely nothing would be even worse than your site showing a “404 mistake” simply as Google chooses to spider your site. If your website is not there, even for just a few hours, you might lose your leading positioning. If you do not have time to monitor it yourself, InternetSeer provides a complimentary website tracking service that notifies you if your site decreases.
” Is your business utilizing any of the Paid Addition services? If so, your site might be re-indexed as rapidly as every two days. With this in mind, any modifications that you make to your website today, might impact your rankings tomorrow. Ensure that your site corresponds. I understand of one business using Japanese Hotels who eliminated the word “hotels” from all of their links and dropped from # 5 placing to # 92!

” Evaluation your website logs or data counter. If you do not currently have a website data bundle on your web server, then head on over to WebTrends right away and get their data bundle. If you are severe about your online service you require to be able to see who is visiting you, the length of time they are remaining and which online search engine is bringing them there. By inspecting this day-to-day or every other day, you can see any patterns that start to form and profit from them.

” If you are utilizing Pay-Per-Click (Pay Per Click) online search engine, then make certain you watch on your quotes. In the blink of an eye, you might be paying to much for your click thrus or 2 little. In addition, find out to find those phony click thrus. With your data bundle in location, you will have the ability to inform if you are getting duplicated clicks from the very same IP address.


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” It is necessary to inspect your online search engine rankings a minimum of weekly. A few of you might want to examine a more regular basis, while others can extend it to every number of weeks. The crucial thing is to inspect them. The most popular and dependable ranking report software application is offered with WebPosition Gold. Utilizing this software application, you can track your own site placing along with watching on your rivals. One tip, Google has actually openly specified that they will punish anybody that consistently utilize automated reporting software application. So regarding prevent issues, you can either inspect your Google rankings just when an upgrade takes place (generally very first week of the month) or inspect them by hand as frequently as you desire.

” Sign up for the numerous weekly online search engine newsletters that are out there. SitePoint Tribune and SearchDay are both fantastic weekly resources with updates and news on online search engine advancements. Ensure you take time out to read them.

” Check out the numerous posts and news offered on reputable online search engine websites such as Online search engine Watch, Online Search Engine Guide and Promo Base.

” Check out the sites of your most significant rivals and look for any significant modifications they might have made to their material. View their source code from your web browser and watch on their Meta tags. A modification in the material of their Meta tags is generally the very first indication that your rival is attempting to out-position you.


” Keep your site material updated and fresh. Inspect all of your links and make certain the websites they indicate are still there. Are your rates upgraded, did you eliminate that item that you no longer offer? Guaranteeing your material is existing will make sure that your site is placed for the most appropriate search terms.
” Ensure that the brand-new page you included recently has the proper Meta tags and has actually targeted keywords in the text. Lots of people are persistent when they initially enhance their sites, however when it pertains to including brand-new pages they forget that these too require to be enhanced.

” Download the Google Toolbar. This fantastic tool sits along with your Web web browser and has some really beneficial functions. For instance, it will reveal you the PageRank of each website you go to. This is a rank, out of an optimum of 10 and reveals you how appropriate Google believes the page is. The greater the number, the much better ranked the site is most likely to be. Utilizing this tool, you can rapidly see which of your rivals are doing much better than you and respond appropriately.

” Examine the links that indicate your site. As you understand, the quality and amount of links that indicate your site can impact your online search engine position. Utilizing the Google Toolbar, you can see all “backwards links” for the sites you are checking out. Utilize this to see all the websites that indicate your own site and make certain they have your site noted properly with your targeted keywords in the link text. You can examine your most significant rivals and see which sites are connecting to them. Contact each of these websites and see if you can get them to connect to your website too.

Maintain the Great

Keeping your online search engine positioning is a time consuming however similarly gratifying procedure. Out-witting your competitors is a huge difficulty for any service however one that deserves the effort. The recommendations above are by no methods extensive, however by following them you will make sure that you get to keep the fantastic online search engine rankings you strove to accomplish.

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